What is Actuasalud?

It is a digital tool to assess the health status of the elderly in an agile and simple way with reliable data.
  • Interview

    Know the health of the elderly.

  • Analyze

    Identify needs to intervene early.

  • Manage

    Design the appropriate preventive programs with reliable results.

    Research the health needs of the elderly with reliable data.

Who is it for?

Aimed at socio-health professionals in the clinical, teaching, researcher and managerial fields.

If you are a health professional (nurse, doctor, primary care) or manager and you want to know the health of the elderly who depend on you, ActuaSalud offers you a reliable, agile, easy-to-use tool, which at the moment that you finish the evaluation of the patient gives you their state of health regarding their possible frailty.

If you are a teacher and you are training students in the field of the elderly, with Actuasalud you will have the best evaluation tool since it uses validated scales, combines scores and issues a diagnosis. In addition, you will be able to analyze the information obtained by the students as well as obtain performance reports to evaluate learning. If you are a researcher, it will also allow you to process the data for its exploitation with statistical software.


The application that allows health professionals to assess the health of the elderly in an orderly, fast and simple way.
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    Assisted assessment

    Save time in your evaluations, the ActuaSalud questions are ordered so that you can have a natural conversation with the evaluated while you obtain the necessary information.

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    Easy to use

    Thanks to the simple interface that allows you to move easily between the assessment questions and helps you with tips for the most challenging questions.

  • save


    Your evaluation will be saved progressively so you will never miss a single answer.

  • attach_file


    No more sorting papers or losing them! All your evaluations will be saved in the cloud and you will be able to consult the answers to them through the administration panel.

  • timeline

    Data analysis

    Analyze the evaluations you have carried out together to obtain a vision of the health status of your patients

  • cloud

    Export your data

    Export your data to use it in the statistical analysis program of your choice.

  • security

    Security and encryption

    ActuaSalud has been developed with security in mind, so all your assessment data is encrypted in the cloud.

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    Evaluation report

    Obtain an individual assessment report that represents the patient's health status upon completion of the assessment.

  • group


    If you have the need to work as a team ActuaSalud helps you to do so, allowing multiple users to carry out evaluations simultaneously.


Improve the health of the elderly by identifying their needs


Loreto Maciá

Health manager

Fco. Javier Ferrández

Technological manager

Víctor P. Cantó

Management director

Manuel Platero

Technological coordinator

J. Joaquín Pérez

Processes and quality manager

Carlos R. Constán

Digital expansion manager

Success stories

Alicante housing council

Collaborated with the development of the tool.

Algorfa Town Hall

The elderly, local and foreign population were diagnosed.

University of Alicante

More than 1,000 evaluations carried out.

Ribera Health

Tested by its professionals.

Elche Town Hall

Work was done with associations of the elderly.

Alicante housing council

Collaborated with the development of the tool.

Algorfa Town Hall

The elderly, local and foreign population were diagnosed.



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